Carlo Giuliano Pendant in Fine Jewellery Auction

Published 3rd June 2013

Carlo Giuliano was the foremost amongst revivalist jewellers in Europe. His jewellery became popular in the late 19th Century and he was known as the 'true Michelangelo of jewellers'. Giuliano was skilled at enamel and used opaque enamel to create delicate black and white designs within his pieces. This open work pendant  being offered through the jewellery department in the quarterly fine jewellery auction on 3rd July 2013 shown below is a good example of his skilled enamelling and precise detail.


 a carlo guiliano pendant (fs19/156)

A Carlo Guiliano pendant (FS19/156)

This stunning late 19th Century enamelled gold, garnet and seed-pearl pendant in original red leather fitted cased is expected to fetch £700-£900 when it goes under the hammer in the quarterly fine jewellery auction on 3rd July 2013 in Okehampton Street, Exeter.

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