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Jewellery and Watches

Jethro MarlesJethro Marles
Department Head

Lucy MarlesLucy Marles

JewelleryJethro Marles provides the Jewellery Department at Bearnes Hampton & Littlewood with professional and skillful expertise. With over twenty years experience in the field, Jethro will accurately identify and value all precious stones and jewellery.

Bearnes Hampton & Littlewood handle the sale of all jewellery, from the finest and most valuable gems to costume jewellery.


Scientific analysis has become as important today in the identification and valuation of jewellery as the appreciation and understanding of artistic merit and using the most up-to-date equipment we can offer accurate and in-depth opinions on works of any age and origin.

It is this specialised knowledge of the market that enables us to realise the best possible prices.

Jewellery and Watch Categories