Antique Jewellery Auction - Two Stone Cross Over Diamond Ring

Published 10th April 2013

This diamond mounted, two stone cross-over ring is mounted with old, brilliant-cut diamonds with each stone estimated to weigh approximately 3.5cts. Old, brilliant-cut stones of this size are very desirable, the facet arrangement and proportions having been perfected by both mathematical and empirical analysis. The cut of a stone greatly impacts a diamond's brilliance, and this particular cut gives a great luminosity. 

 a platinum and diamond two stone cross over ring (fs18/294)

A platinum and diamond two stone cross over ring (FS18/294)

Typically, an increase in a diamond's carat weight would mean an increase in the value of the diamond, presuming it to be of a reasonable colour and clarity. The stones within this ring are of good colour and clarity.

Diamond mounted rings are very popular and when mounted with a beautifully cut, good quality stones, the desire for them is even greater. 

This beautiful ring is expected to fetch £15,000-£18,000 when it goes under the hammer in the Jewellery section of our Fine Art Sale on 24th April 2013 at the auction rooms in Okehampton Street, Exeter, Devon.

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