Amber Necklace in Fine Jewellery Auction

Published 18th April 2013

Amber has been much valued from antiquity to the present day and continues to be popular in our fine jewellery auctions. It is most desirable in its natural state and the larger, graduated beaded necklaces are currently of greatest interest.

Amber is a fossil resin, yellow, orange, red or brown in hue.  A more yellow, or brownish yellow translucent colour indicates that it has probably been found near a sea coast.


a graduated amber beaded single string necklace (fs18/195)

A graduated amber beaded single string necklace (FS18/195)

The fine jewellery auction to be held on 24th April 2013 includes a good graduated amber beaded single string necklace, together with another example (FS18/195). The pre-sale estimate is £400-£500.

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