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Eugene Zampighi (1859-1944)

Biography of Italian painter and photographer Eugene Zampighi (1859-1944)

Eugene Zampighi (1859-1944) was an Italian painter and photographer of genre subjects. Zampighi was born in Modena in 1859, where he studied art at the Academy of Fine Arts under Antonio Simonazzi.

Zampighi  was influenced by Giovanni Muzzioli.

After winning the Poletti Prize in 1880, Zampighi  continued his studies in Rome and latterly Florence where he settled in 1884. From this time, Zampighi painted a series of genre subjects, scenes of happy rural and domestic life amongst the poorer classes. These works were very successful on the art market and brought him international commissions.

Zampighi 's photography work was, for the most part, geared to his painting and took place mainly in the studio with the aid of models in peasant costume. Zampighi would use these images to produce a joyous and idyllic image of Italian rural life, which was very popular with foreign tourists.

Zampighi  died in 1944.

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