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Auguste Louis Marthurin Moreau (1834-1917)

Biography of scultpor Auguste Louis Marthurin Moreau (1834-1917)

Auguste Louis Marthurin Moreau (1834-1917) was born in Dijon in 1834 and died in Malesherbes in 1917 being the youngest son of sculptor and painter Jean-Baptiste Moreau. He studied under his father and also with Aimé Millet, Augustin Drumont and Jean Thomas.

Each of the three Moreau brothers Hippolyte Moreau, Marthurin Moreau and Auguste Moreau have become renowned for the quality and the beauty of their figurative work.

Auguste Moreau himself is particularly known for his Art Noveau style figures with his subjects being primarily young maidens sensuously clad in a swirling diaphanous dress and usually decorated with flowers and birds or allegorical and genre scenes incorporating cupids and young children.

Moreau's style was realistic and graceful, revealing his relation to the other members of the Moreau family. His compositions encapsulate a feeling of innocence whilst incorporating an air of mischievous game.

Auguste Moreau made his debut at the Salon in 1861 where he would exhibit regularly until 1913.

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