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Miscellaneous Wines and Spirits

Liqueurs are made from infusing spirits with fruit, nuts, cream or herbs and can be said to have descended from 13th century herbal remedies such as Chartreuse. The name liqueur comes from the Latin word liquifacere (to liquefy). There are several different types Berry (Chambios), Coffee (Tia Maria, Kahlua), Cream (Baileys, Advocaat), Fruit (Cointrau) are among the most popular.

Spirts are produced by the distillation of either grains, fruit or vegetables that have already been through the fermentation process. The result is a spirit that is high in alcohol. It was not until the early 15th century that distillers began to use rye, wheat and barley rather than the more expensive grapes that the populartity of spirits gave rise to the traditional association of a spirit with a nationality. For example: England - Gin; Germany – Schnapps; Italy - Grappa; and Russia – Vodka.

Both spirits and liqueurs can be consumed either individually, with an accompaniment or together with all elements combined in a cocktail.


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