Vintage, Retro, Kitsch - It's All in Demand!

Published 5th August 2016

A kitsch/vintage/retro alarm clock that attracted Daniel Goddard's eye..

A kitsch/vintage/retro alarm clock that attracted Daniel Goddard's eye.

I noticed another retro-vintage shop has popped-up in South Street here in Exeter.

South Street has always had an edge in terms of fashion and vintage lead by The Real McCoy arcade which for decades has sold trendy new and recycled clothing and accessories.

And now, in the vicinity, there are a handful of other outlets trading in Retro clothing and costume, interior design, furniture, music, ornament and artefact.

I passed the new store en route to a Sunday evening at The Picturehouse (to see the Absolutely Fabulous movie - not great, so now looking forward to Jason Bourne) and we stopped to look in.

The small shop is a cross between an American diner on Happy Days, a scene inside Richard Harris' terraced house in This Sporting Life and the bric-a-brac stall at the vicarage fete – but each to their own and there's no doubt about the current fashion for vintage.

In fact, we recently held a very successful sale of vintage cloth, jewellery and luggage and what caught my eye in one of our recent auction sales was the kitsch/vintage/retro alarm clock pictured here.


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