The Tryhorn Collection of 18th century porcelain: Beauty and the Beasts.

Published 29th January 2013

Today was a success which apart from a couple of lots, which will find homes tomorrow, was a 100% sold - the 154 lots totalling just over £100,000. The personal favourites mentioned in yesterday’s blog, the pair of Kakiemon porcelain dishes certainly did well selling for £3000 (obviously I have taste)! However, they were ‘pipped to the post’ for top spot by lot 3 the Bow porcelain bottle vase in the Kakiemon manner which sold for £3100 with yet another Bow porcelain bottle vase taking third spot at £2700.

 a bow porcelain vase with kakiemon decoration circa 1755

A Bow porcelain vase with Kakiemon decoration circa 1755 (FS17/3)

After that honours seemed pretty evenly spread amongst Worcester, Longton Hall, Chelsea and Champions Bristol each having a couple of candidates above the £1400 mark. But rather than make this a roll call of prices achieved I guess I ought to tell you how the two ‘ugly ducklings’ I also featured yesterday got on. The ‘comely’ Bow porcelain cream jug, achieved £340 and the ‘ugly’ Plymouth porcelain cream jug £640 it seems I am not the only pragmatist in town.

 a champion's bristol porcelain teapot circa 1770-75

A Champion's Bristol porcelain teapot circa 1770-75 (FS17/41)

Were there any surprises? The answer is yes, but we had to wait till the last lot of the day. It seems that the Japanese porcelain dish painted in blue with rather windswept cranes and a silver lustre repair might have been earlier than late 17th century and made for the Chinese market somebody rated it enough to pay £1850 for it.


a 17th century arita porcelain dish  for the chinese market

A 17th century Arita porcelain dish  for the Chinese market (FS17/154)

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