The Tryhorn Collection of 18th century Bow and other porcelain

Published 14th January 2013

Happily we have been instructed to disperse the collection of the late Donald Tryhorn thoughtful without being too academic and whilst not a ‘magpie’ trophy cabinet of the biggest and best that money can buy it does have choice pieces amongst it and a tangible personality of its own.

 a bow porcelain vase circa 1755 (fs17/8)

A Bow porcelain vase circa 1755 (FS17/3).

The opportunity for me to gain from the collection and challenge some of my preconceived ideas has been enjoyable particularly in regard to Bow porcelain arguably the first domestic producer of porcelain. I am aware of others who would prefer the birth to be elsewhere, including Chelsea and just down the road from me here at Bovey Tracey. The latter seems pretty unlikely, but why not; Limehouse porcelain seemed to come from no where until firmly established by archaeology?

 a chantilly porcelain mustard circa 1740-50 (fs17/119)

A Chantilly porcelain mustard circa 1740-50. (FS17/120).

The Tryhorn collection has neither of those potential usurpers but does have 35 pieces of Bow porcelain, a few Chelsea pieces, together with a useful number of earlier Chantilly and Saint Cloud porcelains most quite nicely ‘joined’ by a Kakiemon thread together with some Japanese prototypes. So I hope that over the next few weeks before the sale on the 29th January 2013 I will be able to interest you in some aspects of the collection.

a saint cloud porcelain cup circa 1740 (fs17/130)

A Saint Cloud porcelain cup circa 1740. (FS17/130).

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