The Grange, North End Crescent, Fulham in Antiquarian Book Auction

Published 10th February 2014

Our Spring Antiquarian Book Sale (to be held on the 19th March 2014) contains a manuscript book illustrated with fine pen and wash sketches related to The Grange, which was a famous old house that dated back to the time of Charles II.

The house was the home of one of the most famous novelists of the eighteenth century, Samuel Richardson, author of Pamela, Clarissa, Sir Charles Grandison, etc. One hundred years later is became the home of the painter Edward Burne-Jones and the poet William Allingham.

It was badly neglected during the Second World War and fell into a state of serious dilapidation to the extent that the house was finally demolished in 1957.


 The Grange (BK11)



Written just two years before its demolition, the manuscript  shows a high degree of calligraphic skill, the anonymous writer recalls the important history of the house and pleas for it’s survival.




 The Grange (BK11)


The book is offered for sale with two other examples of calligraphy, with an estimate of £100-£150.



The Grange (BK11)


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