Staffordshire Pottery Sale: The original freak show?

Published 10th August 2012

Chang and Eng Bunker, the original so called Siamese Twins were discovered in what is modern day Thailand in 1829 by a Scottish trader. He paid their parents to allow him to take the teenage twins on a ten year world tour including a stint with P.T. Barnum.

 It proved lucrative and on the trip they married identical English sisters and had 21 children (in a specially made bed) before retiring to a plantation in South Carolina. They often argued and Chang drank heavily whilst his brother did not.

When Chang died of pneumonia at the age of sixty-three his brother followed suit in hours. Chang is apparently Siamese for left and Eng right. Our example is coloured black somewhat ironically as the brothers had slaves on their plantation and two of their sons fought for the Confederacy.


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