Staffordshire Pottery figures for sale: Another elephantine pantomime.

Published 1st September 2012

After highlighting the plight of Jumbo a few days ago another interesting group has appeared although though this one predates Jumbo by forty years I guess and unfortunately this pachyderm protagonist’s name is not recorded.

The group depicts a trainer or little known actor called Mr Hemming in the starring role of Prince Almansor in the play called either The Elephant of Siam or the Fire Fiend and shows the climax of the play when the prince and attendants escape from a burning palace.


Staffordshire Pottery the first elephant on the English stage

Whilst the information is a little vague what is known is that the play was first performed in the Adelphi Theatre on 3rd December 1829 and it was the first time that an elephant appeared on the stage. I’m guessing that this elephant didn’t have Jumbo’s temper or proportions.

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