Staffordshire pottery figures for auction: Answers on a postcard please

Published 25th August 2012

Whilst there are many volumes on Staffordshire pottery portrait groups every now and then a figure defies identity and sometimes any plausible explanation as to what is going on – the previously mentioned monkey drummer on a poodle being an example.

Take today’s figure – why is there an extra head in it? Is it a child, a spying love rival, a prank, does it depict a scene from a play, is he a magician with his assistant, is it a spectral head or just decapitated?

Staffordshire Pottery Figure group and the extra head

Whatever the explanation they seem either relaxed or unaware of its existence and it isn’t the only example in existence so did go into production so someone knows. Perhaps we ought to ask King Henry VIII he seemed to have a working knowledge of unattached heads?



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