Staffordshire Pottery figures for auction: A shaggy dog story.

Published 2nd September 2012

Many of the Staffordshire pottery portrait groups I have highlighted are of individuals be they man or beast who existed during the 19th century, but with today’s group one has to go back to the 12th century.

Prince Llewellyn was a great hunter who was proud of his pack and particularly the leading dog Gellert. However, on the birth of his son Gruffudd, Gellert fell from favour as he chose to stay in the nursery with the young heir. One day on return from a successful hunt Llwellyn went to his son only to find the cot upturned and blood on the jaws of Gellert – believing his dog a turncoat the prince ran him through only to hear the whimpering of his son and see the carcass of a wolf beside him.


A Staffordshire Pottery figure of Gellert and Prince Llwellyns son (Gruffudd) - is it just me or does he look ...well a bit girly?

The grave of Gellert is at the foot of Snowdonia and there is now a village named after the resting place called Bedgellert.

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