Staffordshire pottery dogs: Pedigree Chums.

Published 31st August 2012

Perhaps the most ubiquitous and abundant item of Staffordshire pottery is the dog and of these there can scarcely be a maiden aunt who doesn’t own a pair of Spaniels. Their popularity can be traced back to Edwin Landseer’s 1836 portrait of Queen Victoria’s Spaniel Dash.


Dash Queen Victoria's King Charles Spaniel

Whilst the pottery hound is a common beast it is not without variety or indeed charm. Some of the earlier pearlware dogs are beautifully modelled and coloured and their breeds are easily recognisable.

 staffordshire-pottery-a-pearlware-pointer-and-a mastiff-taper-vase-group

Staffordshire pottery: a pearlware pointer and a mastiff taper vase group

However, perhaps my favourite Staffordshire Spaniels are those subject to a spot of artistic license these are the so called Disraeli Spaniels decorated with a fringe of kiss curls in deference to the Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli. Why this was a popular move or indeed seemed like a good idea I really can’t fathom. I couldn’t quite picture a Cameron Poodle, but a shaggy Boris Johnson, now that’s a real possibility.



Staffordshire pottery: a pedigree pair of Disraeli Spaniels

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