Staffordshire Pottery Auctions: Brothers (and a Sister) in Arms

Published 15th August 2012

Staffordshire pottery wasn’t all about jingoism so lest you feel that my last foray into the Crimean was all one sided today there are a couple of unfortunates coupled with a ‘sort of ‘statesman well more accurately woman. Firstly we have the Wounded Soldier being supported by a sailor – a reminder that the Navy was heavily involved and also suffered losses in the Crimea.



 Staffordshire Pottery - The Wounded Soldier


No mention of the Crimean War would be complete without mention of Florence Nightingale and her work to ensure that the Forces were not out of sight and mind. As an ex member of the Army Medical Corps, which was formed at the time, it was a good start, but condition in a Crimean Hospital were still pretty basic. I have just found a fantastic quote from her which I have paraphrased ‘It seems a strange principle that a hospital should do the sick no harm’.


Staffordshire Pottery Figure -  The Lady of the Lamp

Perhaps it is fitting to finish with The Greenwich Pensioner who despite his condition is seeing out his time in comfort.


Staffordshire Pottery Figure - The Greenwich Pensioner

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