Staffordshire Pottery animals: Eating Humble Pie

Published 11th September 2012

Well today was one of those rarities not one unsold lot and with a sale total of £107000, but enough of the self congratulation. I have to eat Humble Pie after my disparaging feline comments a couple of blogs ago!


Staffordshire Pottery: a rare pair of Saluki

As the world is divided into dog lovers and cat lovers I admit to being in the former camp so was pleased that the pair of Staffordshire pottery Saluki made £980 and that Billy the Rat Catcher has gone back to his former stomping ground in London for £740, but they pale in the shadow of Lot 70 the Staffordshire pottery ‘fat cats’ that made a ‘bankers bonus’ selling at £1700.


Staffordshire Pottery: the cats that got the cream

In fact it was the animal kingdom that won out over the portrait figures with both giraffes and lions beating Lady Hester Stanhope into 5th place and even then she was perched on a camel, and Florence Nightingale into 10th spot.



Staffordshire Pottery: Lady Hester Stanhope, Queen of the desert

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