Staffordshire Figures : Where did you get that hat?

Published 19th August 2012

I guess that I have spent some time talking down ‘High Culture’ but it could also be an influence for the Staffordshire potters after all they were in business – I suppose I think of it as the current version of the fake Rolex – bit naughty but if there’s a market for it.

I got Robin to photograph the two versions of ‘Africa’ side by side (the Meissen version is being sold with us on 1st November) – probably difficult to guess, but which do you think is Meissen and which is Staffordshire pottery? Which ever one you favour I bet you have seen more ‘Africans’ than either the Meissen or the Staffordshire modeller had, but I bet you’ve never seen a hat like that though.


    Staffordshire pottery or Meissen ?


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