Staffordshire Figures: A bizarre family tree.

Published 18th August 2012

Robin (our man who takes photographs) is busy beside me taking images for the website and I say ‘Look at this one’ It is Nellie Chapman ‘The Second Lion Queen’ -pregnant pause - while I wait for him to say ‘The Second’ so I can tell him that the first Lion Queen got eaten!

Instead he trumps me by saying I have a step relative who wrestled tigers in the circus, but she was called Sangar. Oh I say and remain nonchalant and look it up … turns out they are one and the same. Although Nellie acted under the name of Pauline de Vere she hooked up with Lord (his first name not a title) Sangar and became Lady Sangar.

Staffordshire Figure - The Lion Queen

All very bizarre and confusing, but here she is in front of Robin’s engraving. If you’re interested he might let me see the photographs of his Ilfracombe stunt –  ‘The Forty (horses) in Hand', if you’re interested and he’ll let me have it, who knows?

Staffordshire Figure - Lady Sanger  the Lion Queen

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