Samuel Taylor Coleridge: Creamware Wine Cooler Gifted to Samuel Taylor Coleridge from the Wedgwood Family

Published 7th March 2018

Most of my blogs are relating to books, but there are so many fascinating objects being offered for sale as part of the Samuel Taylor Coleridge Collection on 14th March 2018 that I feel compelled to write about them.

Take for instance the early 19th Century Continental creamware wine cooler (BK19/4a) applied with encircling fruiting vines. This was reputedly gifted to Samuel Taylor Coleridge by a member of the Wedgwood Family.


the wine cooler of samuel taylor coleridge gifted by a member of the wedgwood family (bk19/4a)

The wine cooler of Samuel Taylor Coleridge gifted by a member of the Wedgwood Family (BK19/4a)

Or how about the set of six late 18th/early 19th Century Spode coffee cups, together with saucers and other cups (BK19/6) which was used at Greta Hall, Keswick by Samuel Taylor Coleridge and his wife Sarah Fricker and also by guests including Wordsworth and Shelley. The service, which has been mentioned in a printed publication was always referred to by Derwent Coleridge, Samuel Taylor Coleridge's son, as 'The Tea Service'. For anyone looking for a piece of Samuel Taylor Coleridge memorabilia, this has to be considered.


'the tea service' of samuel taylor coleridge and his wife sarah fricker (bk19/6)

'The Tea Service' of Samuel Taylor Coleridge and his wife Sarah Fricker (BK19/6)

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