Raymond Briggs: Antiquarian Book Auction - The Snowman and Signed Christmas Cards

Published 15th February 2013

Raymond Briggs captured the hearts of a generation when he first introduced us to the Snowman in 1978. Thirty five years on The Snowman has become part of the legend that is Christmas, having been shown every year since 1982 and this past Christmas saw the arrival of the sequel The Snowman and the Snow Dog.

The Antiquarian book auction to be held at the Dowell Street Honiton Saleroom in East Devon, includes a lovely little collection of twelve books by or illustrated by Raymond Briggs. These are together with six Christmas cards, all featuring characters from the Snowman, which are signed by Raymond (BK9/62)

 raymond briggs the snowman

Raymond Briggs The Snowman 


The collection includes a first edition from 1986 of The Snowman Pop Up. There is also a First Edition of Ethel and Ernest dated 1998, in unique strip cartoon format, which is Brigg’s own unique style. It tells a story of his parents.


Arguably Raymond Brigg’s most significant book is included, it certainly was his most controversial, the 1982 first hardback edition of When the Wind Blows!, which deals with the futile attempts at self preservation that the government of the day were trying to instruct its citizens to carry out, in the event of a nuclear war.


 raymond briggs when the wind blows

 Raymond Briggs When the Wind Blows


On a somewhat cheerier note, there are six character Christmas cards, all signed by Raymond Briggs.


 raymond briggs signed character christmas cards

Raymond Briggs Signed Character Christmas Cards


This unusual lot of Raymond Briggs books and Christmas cards carries a modest pre-sale estimate of £150-£200 and more information on the other books in the lot can be viewed in the catalogue (BK9/62).

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