Rare prophesies book by William Lilly:

Published 18th January 2017

Another early rare book coming up in the forthcoming Antiquarian Book Auction on 15th March 2017 is a volume by William Lilly titled A Collection of Ancient and Moderne Prophesies from 1645, which is four pamphlets bound in one.


William Lilly's Collection of Ancient and Moderne Prophesies

It contains rare astrological predictions by the highly controversial Parlimentarian astrologer William Lilly, who predicted the Great Fire of London 15 years before the disastrous conflagration.

To his supporters he was an 'English Merlin... to his detractors he was a 'juggling wizard and imposter;.

The pre-sale estimate when it goes into the auction on 15th March 2017 in the Antiquarian book sale is £500 - £600



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