Rare Books Auction: English Civil War

Published 25th May 2017

The next Antiquarian Book Auction on 6th September 2017 includes an extensive collection of English Civil War Books.

The English Civil War was vastly complex in origins - with high taxation, religious issues, the rise of the middle class and Charles I's obstinate adherence to the Divine Right of Kings amongst the triggers. The war involved the British Isles in the most terrible internecine carnage for some years, pitting father against son, brother against brother and friend against friend. These dramatic events saw not only the execution of a king by his own people but the rise of the outstanding leader Oliver Cromwell who replaced Charles I as supreme leader.

The Chronology of events was as follows:-

1642 The Earl of Essex made Lord General

1642 The King raised his standard at Nottingham, marking the start of the Civil War

1642 Battle of Edgehill

1643 1st Battle of Newbury

1644 Battle of Cheriton

1644 Battle of Cropredy Bridge

1644 Battle of Marston Moor

1644 Surrender of York

1645 Fairfax is instated as C in C of the New Model Army

1645 Battle of Naseby

1645 Sack of Basing House

1646 Royalists sign articles of surrender of Oxford

1647 The King seized at Holdenby

1647 The King is transferred to the Isle of Wight

1649 Execution of King Charles I; the beginning of the Interregnum or Commonwealth period.

1650 Cromwell is made Lord-General

1651 Battle of Worcester; Charles II escapes abroad

1653 Cromwell becomes Lord-Protector

1658 Death of Cromwell

1660 Charles II's return to London; marking the beginning of the restoration

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