Preview of July 2012 Fine Sale Maritime Items

Published 1st May 2012

A British Arctic Expedition 1875 earthenware dinner plate.

The fateful maiden voyage of the Titanic 100 years ago has intrigued and fascinated many with the opulence of the ship and the tragedy of the lives lost. The anniversary this year of the sinking of the White Star line's grandest ship of the Edwardian era, still enthrals collectors of Titanic and White Star line artefacts of which several are to be offered in Bearnes Hampton & Littlewoods Maritime sale of 11th July 2012.

Millvina Dean was only nine weeks old when she and her two year old brother were placed in lifeboat number 13 on that fateful night, being later rescued by the Carpathia. In 1992, she signed 705 copies of 'Titanic' by Peter Boyd-Smith for the 80th anniversary of the Titanic, a copy of which will be in the sale in July, estimated at £180-£220

A White Star Line Bulkhead Clock

A White Star Line Bulkhead Clock, by Sewill of Liverpool. Estimate £300-£500.

The tragedy of the Titanic and the fates of her sister ships the Olympic and the Britannic have made any White Star items extremely desirable to collectors. A ships bulkhead clock by Sewill of Liverpool, marked with both White Star Line and the Cunard, should entice Titanic and Ocean liner collectors with a pre-sale estimate of £300-£500.

This year also sees the 100th anniversary of Scott's fateful expedition to the South Pole. Polar expedition articles are extremely sought after both nationally and internationally. Whilst it seems incredible that Scott achieved so much with what appears to us now as rudimentary equipment, imagine the presence of mind that the crew of the earlier British Arctic Expedition of 1875 had in setting out some 37 years earlier. Even with all of the equipment taken aboard ship, the luxury of specially commissioned dinner service was not overlooked. Though The British Arctic Expedition of 1875 aboard HMS Alert and HMS Discovery failed to reach the pole, they made significant records of the region. Two Staffordshire dinner plates from this expedition are expected to attract buyers with an estimate of £400-£600 each.

'Gathering vraic' by Henry Moore (1831-1895)

'Gathering vraic' by Henry Moore (1831-1895). Estimate £600-£800.

Along with the pieces above, the Fine Sale on 11th July 2012 will include a number of ships instruments, sextants, scientific instruments and Marine pictures. An oil on canvas by Henry Moore (1831-1895) entitled 'Gathering vraic', shows the traditional Jersey method of collecting vraic (seaweed) for fertilizing crops, and should attract Channel Island interest at £600-£800.

MAritime entries for the sale on 11th July 2012 are still being accepted. For further information, please contact Brian Goodison-Blanks


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