Napoleonic Broadsides in Rare Book Auction

Published 18th December 2013

Bearnes Hampton & Littlewood will be offering in their next antiquarian book sale on 19th March 2014, a unique collection of one hundred and thirty Napoleonic Broadsides. Printed in the 1800s, there are individual broadsides, but mainly they consist of 25 broadsides in duplicates of 5-6 copies each.


A cache like this is quite remarkable, one can only speculate as to why so many copies have been preserved together - printer's copies - bill poster - political agent?




 Napoleonic broadside on offer in March 2014 (BK11)


Dating just twenty-five years or so after the American Revolution, and at the height of the French Revolution, the broadsides reflect the general terror of the British press and establishment as to the eminent invasion of Napoleonic forces from across the Channel.


Offered in one lot, it is expected to fetch anything over £5,000.

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