Miniature books in Antiquarian Book Auction 21st August 2013

Published 27th March 2013

Miniature books – that is books not more than 3 inches (76mm) in height, have always fascinated book lovers.

Remarkably, the first miniature book was published in Naples in 1486. It was entitled 'Officium Beatae Virginis Mariae'.

Miniature books became very popular in the last two decades of the 19th Century, because they could be carried around easily and to this day, there is an avid band of collectors willing to buy these rare books at auction and new miniature books are still being published to meet the demand.

In our Antiquarian Book Auction to be held on 21st August 2013, one lot includes three miniature books.

Two are published in the Infant’s Library and measure 47 x 60mm and date from circa 1800. The other is titled ‘With People of all Nations’ and measures 50 x 45mm and dated 1802 it is illustrated with charming woodcuts. The pre-sale estimate is £60 - £100. 

three miniature books in the antiquarian book auction to be held on 21st august 2013

Three miniature books in the Antiquarian Book Auction to be held on 21st August 2013

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