Lottery Broadsides in Rare Book Auction

Published 17th February 2014

The original English State Lottery ran from 1694 until 1826. It ran for over 250 years but under pressure from the opposition parties the Government of the day declared a final lottery in 1826.


In the next Bearnes, Hampton & Littlewoods rare book sale on 19th March 2014, there is a collection of twenty slip broadsides advertising the lottery tickets, which can be purchased from W Betts in Colchester.




 Lottery broadsides (BK11)


The broadsides advertise prizes up to £30,000, with one stating "The very last lottery but one."


Lottery broadsides (BK11)

Another brodside includes the doggerel “For as Lott’ries are now drawing near their last breath, and the day is so fine, I’ll be in at the Death.”



Lottery broadsides (BK11)


These amusing and unusual forms of advertising are expected to fetch £100-£150.

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