Jewellery Auction August 2023

Published 24th July 2023

Feel as majestic as a queen or as graceful as a ballet dancer by indulging in the upcoming August Jewellery Auction at Bearnes Hampton & Littlewood in Exeter. Set to take place on 2nd August, it’s a treasure trove of exquisite craftsmanship, glamour and regal allure.

Percossi Papi, a family-run Roman brand, takes the spotlight, having designed the jewellery showcased in iconic productions like 'Elizabeth: The Golden Age,' starring Cate Blanchett, and at the St. Petersburg International Festival for ballet impresario Sergey Diaghilev. Using traditional techniques such as cloisonné enamel with vari-colored gemstones, the brand recreates the splendour and glamour of bygone eras. Despite being less known on this side of the channel, you too could experience some of this Roman glamour if you won the bidding on Lot 2884, a pair of earrings in the Renaissance Revival style by Percossi Papi ,estimated at £600- £800.

Renaissance Revival style by Percossi Papi

British royalty's historical association with blue sapphires is evident, as these gemstones were integrated into the Imperial State Crown, including the famous Stuart Sapphire. Furthermore, one of Queen Elizabeth II's cherished pieces of jewellery was the George IV suite of sapphires gifted to her by her father on her wedding day. Lot 2883, an early 20th-century cushion-cut sapphire and diamond cluster ring estimated at £2000- £3000, exemplifies this desirable royal blue hue and would make anyone feel truly regal.

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