Fine Furniture Auction: Victorian Mahogany Library Bookcase

Published 26th June 2013

The Victorian era is well-known for the various style revivals that gained popularity during the long period of the Queen’s reign. These notably included Gothic, Norman, Medieval, etc. Running alongside these fashions was also a simpler style typified by this bookcase below (FS19/767).

 a victorian mahogany library bookcase (fs19/767)

A Victorian mahogany library bookcase (FS19/767)

Usually mahogany, with curved edges and often applied with simple arched mouldings or with arched glazed panels such as these, this style is found in all types of furniture. Bedroom furniture, such as wardrobes and pot cupboards, are commonly found in this style, but bookcases such as this are also popular. It is a distinctly Victorian style, yet quite simple and unostentatious unlike some of its more exotic contemporaries.

This large sized Victorian mahogany bookcase, measuring 234cm long and 235cm high is inviting bids of £1,000-£1,500 when it is offered in the fine furniture auction on 4th July 2013 as part of our Summer Fine Sale.

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