Bergman Austrian Bronze Lizard

Published 12th June 2009

Following the succesful sale of the Bergman cold painted bronze elephant model in our recent Fine Sale for £6,600 (hammer price) you can imagine my delight when another Bergman cold painted bronze of a lizard arrived at my desk.



The lizard was  painted in greens and yellows with a greyish brown under surface. Produced in Austria in first quarter of the 20th century by Franz Bergman the leading founder of the is a fine example of the sculptors work. With its eyes slightly open and head raised as if  greeting the morning air. Its tail curling round and resting under its head.


To the underside of the lizard there is the usual Bergman vase stamp, with 'Geschutzt' and it's numbered 4133. From head to tip of the tail it measures 54cm.


The lizard will be included in or Fine Sale on the 7th/8th October.

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