Belle Epoque brooch in Fine Jewellery Auction

Published 21st May 2013

French for 'Beautiful Era', Belle Epoque was a period in French and Belgian history and the brooch illustrated below is a typical example of the type of jewellery produced at this time.

 a stunning belle epoque brooch (fs18/235) sold for £3200

A stunning Belle Epoque brooch (FS18/235) Sold for £3200

The 'invisible' setting of this brooch is enabled by the strength of the platinum which compliments the lightness of fashion through out this era.
Diamonds were favoured for being set in platinum for their white-on-white colour scheme, and sense of refined elegance and luxury.

This particular brooch was offered in Bearnes Hampton & Littlewood's fine jewellery auction on 24th April 2013 and realised £3,200.

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