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Published 1st December 2014

Brian Goodison-Blanks with Tim Wonnacott at last year's Bargain Hunt held in our salerooms.

Brian Goodison-Blanks with Tim Wonnacott at last year's Bargain Hunt held in our salerooms.

From an auctioneer's point of view, it seems strange that despite the number and popularity of antiques programmes on television, people still find attending an auction in person a daunting affair. If you have ever watched a sale on television and wondered what it would be like to attend, then the forthcoming Antiques and Interiors Auction at our Exeter Salerooms on 9th December 2014 (EX124) is an ideal opportunity for the auction novice. As well as a single owner collection of ceramics and glass, silver and works of art, Tim Wonnacott and the team from BBC Bargain Hunt will be filming in the saleroom on the day of the auction.

We are proud to have the opportunity to offer within the sale the collection from the estate of a local antiques dealer, who was well known and respected throughout the South West for many years. It includes silver flatware, christening cups, and vinaigrettes, as well as watches, jewellery and a range of ceramics and works of art.

If you have never been to an auction or are looking for something special for this time of year, then the spectrum of pieces offered within the sale is certainly a good introduction to the world of auctions and antiques.

In addition, the sale will have a range of period furniture and pictures that can regularly be found at auction. Exeter has a thriving student population that would do well to take a look at some of the pieces within the sale. Far from the traditional 'fuddy duddy' appearance of the auction world, the market is buoyant with modern designers and artists, as well as classic vintage and retro designs. Ideal for anyone looking to make a statement either at home or the Student Union!

If that isn't enough to convince you that antiques and auctions are a contemporary and up to date, there's certainly a chance to pick up a few tips on antiques (or the Paso doble) from Tim Wonnacott in person.


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