Autumn 2010 Fine Sale

Published 1st October 2010

Autumn 2010 Fine Sale Signature Image

Please note however the order of sale has changed from the previous format.

We are pleased to be able to offer a good collection of English wine glasses that include some highly desirable pieces such as a Bielby enamelled glass (FS8/422) and several multi-coloured twist examples. The collection was assembled in the early 1990s from sale rooms including our own, other major collections and several of the prominent dealers in the field with several having provenance back to the 1950s.

America Cup Race October 13th 1893; Robert Taylor
        Pritchett (1828-1907)

America Cup Race October 13th 1893;
Robert Taylor Pritchett (1828-1907) (FS8/340)

Of historical and yachting interest, there is a water colour by Robert Taylor Pritchett (1828-1907) which is entitled America Cup Race October 13th 1893 – The start at Sandy Hook 'Valkyrie' and 'Vigilant Weather' (FS8/340). Balanced at one victory each, the final race on the 13th proved to be a nail biting affair with the New York Times describing the victory of the American 'Vigilant' which came from behind in the closing stages to beat the British contender by 40 seconds as 'Probably the greatest battle of sails ever fought'.

LNER Advertising Poster

LNER Advertising Poster (FS8/522)

If your enjoyment of the sea air is a little more parochial then perhaps an advertising poster for the London & North East Railways 'Skegness is so bracing' (FS8/522). The original designed by John Hassall depicts a truly iconic image and memories of a time that seems long since past rather than just a couple of generations ago.

Library or Reading Chair

Library or Reading Chair (sometimes erroneousy
called 'cock-fighting' chairs) (FS8/694)

Erroneously referred to as 'cock fighting' chairs as many 18th century illustrations of the sport depicted them, lot 694 is actually a library or reading chair that would allow an individual to 'mount' the chair lean on the back and peruse his favourite volume. However, there can be little doubt that whilst the cockpit was the preferred venue fights did also occur in domestic setting, the new wife of the Earl of Derby was not keen that it occurred in her drawing room. Although something of a tenuous link one can't help much mention a pair of Chinese Chippendale arm chairs (FS8/735) often generically referred to as 'Cockpen' chairs, whilst the idea of them being based on the cages used to house Oriental fowls is a pleasing one it is another apocryphal story. The truth is less interesting and that they were base on a Chnese design first used for the pew chairs in Cockpen Church, Midlothian in the 1750s.

Bring one firmly into the 20th century there are a number of items of furniture on offer with provenance from Dartington Hall amongst these are some affordable tubular steel from makers such as Marcel Bruer, Practical Equipment Ltd and Mies van der Rohe.


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