Arthur Rackham Books in Forthcoming Antiquarian Book Auction

Published 7th May 2013

Just arrived in the Books and Manuscripts Department for inclusion in the next Bearnes Hampton & Littlewood antiquarian book auction on 21st August 2013 in Honiton, Devon, are a group of original editions of children’s books illustrated by the famous illustrator Arthur Rackham (1867-1939).


 the tempest illustrated by arthur rackham

The Tempest Illustrated by Arthur Rackham

A prolific and highly original illustrator of children's books, Arthur Rackham both terrified and fascinated a whole generation of children through the Edwardian era to the Second World War.

Arthur Rackham's illustrations of goblins, witches, fairies, characters of fantasy, metamorphic figures, many from history and legend, although often very frightening but at the same time beautiful.


 aesops fables illustrated by arthur rackham

Aesops Fables Illustrated by Arthur Rackham

There cannot have been any other illustrator to match Arthur Rackham/Rackham's books in illustrating fairy stories, which are now especially collectable.


The Night Before Christmas Illustrated by Arthur Rackham

Several unusual titles are to be included in the Bearnes Hampton & Littlewood auction, all very fairly estimated at between £50-100 to reflect their condition:-

The Allies Fairy Book (1916)
The Night Before Christmas (1942)
Aesop’s Fables (1917)
The Compleat Angler (1931)
The Tempest (1926)
The Wind In The Willows (1950)

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