Antique Firearms Auction: The evolution of the revolver (part two)

Published 25th February 2013

Whilst the Colt and Remington are perhaps the most widely known revolvers of the 19th century, for some collectors they are not the best made guns of the period. Bearnes Hampton & Littlewood’s Sporting & Collectors sale 20th March 2013, Honiton, Devon has within the Antique Firearms section and fine example of 19th century English gunsmiths’ work. 

   deane adams & deane 38 bore self cocking percussion revolver

Deane Adams & Deane 38 bore self cocking percussion revolver

In 1851 Robert Adam patented a design for a self cocking revolver. The double action (pulling the trigger once to cock and release the hammer) was a great improvement on the single action Colts and Remington models. The Deane, Adams & Deane revolver (SC16/86) with scroll engraved frame and chequered walnut two piece grip is more refined than the basic Remington model. The fitted case and complete set of original accessories making this an even more enticing lot for collectors, with an estimate of £1,500-£2,000. 
Very often we see each type of revolver at auction but rarely do we see a Pepperbox (SC16/91), a Remington (SC16/90) and a Deane, Adams & Deane (SC16/86) together at once, giving us an ideal opportunity to see perhaps the three greatest advances in revolver design sides by side.

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