Antiquarian Book Auction: Modern First Editions - Agatha Christie The Body in the Library and HG Wells The War of The Worlds

Published 19th February 2013

There are a number of modern first editions  in the Antiquarian Book Auction to be held on 20th February 2013 at Dowell Street, Honiton, East Devon.


The first of these of note is Agatha Christie’s The Body in the Library (BK9/121). Published by Collins in their popular crime collection series, it features Agatha Christie’s famous amateur detective Miss Marple. The body turns out to be that of an 18 year dancer called Ruby Keene. In original cloth and with dustwrapper (1942), I anticipate this good volume to be hotly contested and can see it exceeding its pre-sale estimate of £240-£400, but we will see when it goes under the hammer in the Antiquarian Book Auction on 20th February 2013 (BK9).


 agatha christies the body in the library



Agatha Christies The Body in the Library


Also in this rare book auction in the section of Modern first editions is a first edition of HG Wells highly influential novel The War of the Worlds, dated 1898 (BK9/203). It is not in brilliant condition, but in its original austere grey cloth cover, it is a masterpiece of science fiction writing, a genre that has been imitated over and over again. I am expecting this iconic book to realise between £150-£200.


 h g wells the war of the worlds



HG Wells The War of the Worlds


The modern first editions section of the Antiquarian book auction also includes several books of ghost stories, James Bond, also a nice collection of PG Wodehouse novels, and a complete set of CS Lewis Narnia novels, including a first edition of The Lion and the Witch, although unfortunately without dustwrapper.


The sale is tomorrow, so we will see whether my predictions are correct. I am sure there will be a few surprises, which I look forward to reporting to you once the Antiquarian Book Auction is complete.

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