Aesthetic Bedroom Suite in Fine Furniture Auction

Published 18th June 2013

Production of aesthetic style furniture was pretty much limited to the late 19th Century and therefore, as it was not produced for that long a period, there is only a small amount remaining today.

Aesthetic style furniture is characterised by various traits – in particular its Far Eastern Influence, ebonised wood often with gilt highlights, a use of motifs from nature such as flowers, birds and peacock feathers, the use of blue and white porcelain. Nature was the driving force behind this style of furniture. Coloured paintings of birds, flowers and other motifs from nature are regularly used.


an aesthetic movement bedroom suite (fs19/793)


An Aesthetic Movement Bedroom Suite (FS19/793)  


The forthcoming quarterly fine furniture sale on 4th July 2013 includes a bedroom suite with typical aesthetic movement qualities (FS19/793). It is ebonised and gilt line inlaid, typical of the Aesthetic Movement. It comprises a triple section wardrobe, which has a mirror panel door surmounted by four square pottery tiles depicting various birds amidst lilies. It also comprises a dressing table and a pedestal cupboard and is expected to fetch between £500-£1,000.

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