A Fisherman's Tale - A Georgian Vinaigrette

Published 29th April 2012

A Georgian vinaigrette modelled as a fish sold for £820. (FS12/41).

Something didn't smell right, something fishy was going on when Lot 41, a Georgian vinaigrette, was offered for Sale - but not just any vinaigrette - this one was modelled as an articulated fish. Vinaigrettes were used to hold smelling salts or sponges, soaked in sweet smelling liquids, to be held close to the nose and remove the smell of Georgian streets.

This attractive example had a hinged head with oval compartment that would hold a sponge it also had a pierced grille to allow the smelling salts to be put close to the nose. The body was articulated with scale decorated sections pinned together quite a catch at £820.


  • Bearnes Hampton & Littlewood
  • Fine Sale
  • Works of Art
  • Georgian
  • Vinaigrette

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