20th Century and Contemporary Jewellery

Published 14th May 2021

A rectangular Georg Jensen brooch (design number 251) depeciting a pair of dolphins
        designed by Arno Malinowski.

A rectangular Georg Jensen brooch (design number 251) depeciting a pair of dolphins designed by Arno Malinowski.

Bearnes, Hampton & Littlewood sell 20th Century & Contemporary Jewellery, which often includes items designed by Georg Jensen. Founded in Copenhagen, Denmark in 1904, Georg Jensen was known as a silversmith in the first instance, later becoming known for his fine quality and distinctive Art Nouveau Jewellery designs that include brooches, rings, bangles, earrings and cuff-links.

Some examples are to be auctioned in our forthcoming 20th Century and Contemporary Sale on 25th May 2021. They include a Georg Jensen rectangular brooch (design number 251) depicting a pair of dolphins with dolphins designed by Arno Malinowski. Also included is a Georg Jensen silver sycamore pod bracelet (design number 115) designed by Bent Gabrielsen, together with a pair of Georg Jensen earrings (design number 427).

Many more Jensen jewellery items are included in this sale.

Georg Jensen worked with various designers who used their own marks. For example, designer Vivianna Torun Bulow-Hube (often known as 'Torun') – began working with Jensen from 1967 and would stamp her designs 'TORUN'. Other designers for Georg Jensen include Bent Gabrielsen and Henning Koppel. Designer marks are usually found alongside the Jensen Maker's Mark. Often other marks such as duty and import stamps sometimes appear alongside the maker's marks.

More jewellery pieces by Georg Jensen.

More jewellery pieces by Georg Jensen.

It is essential that specific markings are present to give an indication of authenticity and age when looking to buy Georg Jensen jewellery. The alignment and placement of these markings can vary. Jensen marks stamped are often 'GI' or 'GJ', also 'GEORG' above 'JENSEN' within an oval dotted surround. Design numbers are a good indication of an authentic Georg Jensen piece. For example '208' or '142A'.

On earlier pieces, the silver grade stamp '826S' was used and indicates a slightly lower grade of silver, used until around 1915 and followed by silver grade stamp '830S' until around 1927 when Jensen introduced '925S' for sterling silver. Most Jensen jewellery is created in silver, however later pieces have also been created in gold. Although he died in 1935, Georg Jensen's namesake company continues to produce pieces bearing his signature today.


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