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Sale EX252: Antiques and Interiors

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Tuesday, 25th August 2020

Okehampton Street, Exeter

Antiques and Interiors Sale

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Auction Lot

Lot 1: A Set of Four Cut Glass Decanters and Stoppers

A set of four cut glass decanters and stoppers with silver plated labels.

Realised: £10
Auction Lot

Lot 2: A Set of Six 'Faberge' Champagne Flutes

A set of six 'Faberge' champagne flutes with frosted glass stems.

Realised: £20
Auction Lot

Lot 3: A Pair of Ruby Red Flashed Decanters and Stoppers

A pair of ruby red flashed decanters and stoppers with etched vine leaf decoration.

Realised: £15
Auction Lot

Lot 4: Eight Heavy Glass Rummers with Slice Cut Bowl, A Similar Champagne Glass and Two Glass Rinsers

Eight heavy glass rummers with slice cut bowl, a similar champagne glass and two glass rinsers.

Realised: £200
Auction Lot

Lot 5: A Set of Six Cut Glass and Green Flashed Hock Glasses

A set of six cut glass and green flashed hock glasses on tapering stems.

Realised: £140
Auction Lot

Lot 6: Two Mallet Shaped Decanters and Stoppers

Two mallet shaped decanters and stoppers together with five other various decanters.

Realised: £18
Auction Lot

Lot 7: A Group of 'Bristol' Blue Glass

A group of 'Bristol' blue glass comprising two pedestal jugs, four matching beakers and two later bottles together with a green glass vase moulded with dragonflies and bull rushes.

Realised: £50
Auction Lot

Lot 8: A Set of Six Royal Doulton / Webb Corbett Champagne Flutes

A set of six Royal Doulton / Webb Corbett champagne flutes.

Realised: £42
Auction Lot

Lot 9: A Royal Doulton Glass Ships Decanter, Six Port Glasses and An Oval Gallery Tray

A Royal Doulton glass ships decanter, six port glasses and an oval gallery tray.

Auction Lot

Lot 10: A Composite Suite of Twenty Hollow Stem Drinking Glasses

A composite suite of twenty hollow stem drinking glasses including wine goblets and champagne bowls.

Realised: £220
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