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Sale FS41: Two Day Fine Art Sale

Two Day Fine Art Sale Icon

From Tuesday, 29th January 2019
Until Wednesday, 30th January 2019

Okehampton Street, Exeter

Two Day Fine Art Sale

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Two Day Fine Art Sale with European and Oriental Ceramics, Glass, Pictures, Works of Art, Clocks, Watches, Jewellery and Furniture

This auction has 958 fine art lots.

Sale Notes

The first Fine Sale of 2019 looks to have the making of a good auction and whilst there are big ticket items there is also plenty to suit all pockets.

Starting with a fascinating selection of silver, one can't help wondering why such a valuable metal has been used for an array of entirely practical, even mundane, household objects such as a Victorian electroplated clay pipe carrying case (FS41/2), a Victorian toothpick box (FS41/69), a George III nutmeg grater (FS41/70) and a pocket candle holder (FS41/125); all of which could be bought for less than £150 according to the estimates.

Jewellery by its very nature is rarely cheap but even here there are pieces for the thrifty, amongst them a delightful paste set 'jelly belly' penguin brooch (FS41/202) designed by Alfred Philippe for Tifari, which is estimated at £100-£200. Alternatively, if you chose to dig a little deeper, you might like a diamond, ruby and sapphire mounted cockatoo brooch (FS41/203) for £700-£900 - you'd be a very pretty boy if you purchased it.

Customarily, Day One is completed by the Picture auction and worthy of note are two mid-19th century local landscapes. The first is by John White Abbot (FS41/334) and it seems to have everything you could wish a recognisable view, a charming family group including young children and a narrative depicting farm workers only recently returned from their labours, all playing a game of quoits – a brief clean and a glorious painting would emerge. The other is by the much lesser known Lancelot Elford Reed (FS41/453) who depicts a view of the River Dart and Totnes and seems to elevate South Devon to a tranquil pastoral idyll, even with the addition of a plume of steam and smoke from a distant train.

The second day of the sale starts with an extensive selection of glass and ceramics and here there is much to admire, including a restrained Jun Ware bowl (FS41/524). Much of this Chinese ceramic was produced by adding straw ash to the glaze that resulted in purple splashes of colour on a blue ground, often minimal but always visually pleasing.

Another Oriental art that masters restraint is that of Japanese woodblock prints. The sale has a number of works by Kuniyoshi and Utamaro including one entitled Bijin with love letter (FS41/780). With only blocks of colour and sinuous lines, the artist has managed to convey a myriad of emotions in the recipient that include aloofness, tenderness and reflection and bears out the maxim that less is more.

Elsewhere amongst the works of art is a playful Black Forest inkwell and pen tray that is 'guarded' by an inquisitive terrier (FS41/833) that shows that highbrow art needn't be serious.

Finally, there is also a good offering of furniture to bring Day Two to a close, which includes a mid-19th century mahogany campaign chest (FS41/1045) that has a maple interior bordering on being swanky. One often wonders what stories these pieces of furniture would tell if they spoke, though in this case perhaps not as this chest has the look of something used a little way back from the front line, perhaps 20 or 30 miles back.

Having started with an array of useful household objects, it seems appropriate to end so with a George III mahogany plate and cutlery stand (FS41/1000), perhaps something of a frippery, but think how grateful your butler will be.

Order of Sale

The order of sale will be:-

  • Tuesday, 29th January 2019 10:00am
    Silver (starting at lot 1)
  • Tuesday, 29th January 2019 12:30pm
    Watches and Jewellery (starting at lot 150)
  • Tuesday, 29th January 2019 2:30pm
    Oil Paintings, Watercolours, Drawings and Pictures (starting at lot 251)
  • Wednesday, 30th January 2019 10:00am
    Oriental and European Ceramics and Glassware (starting at lot 481)
  • Wednesday, 30th January 2019 12:30pm
    Works of Art and Clocks (starting at lot 681)
  • Wednesday, 30th January 2019 2:30pm
    Furniture (starting at lot 920)

Contact for Sale

For any information about this sale, please contact:-

Rachel LittlewoodRachel Littlewood

Tel:+44 (01392) 413100