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Sale EX199: Antiques and Interiors

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Wednesday, 3rd January 2018

Okehampton Street, Exeter

Antiques and Interiors Sale

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Regular Antiques and Interiors Auction of ceramics, glass, works of art, collectables, pictures and furniture held at our Okehampton Street salerooms in Exeter.

This auction has 585 fine art lots.

Catalogue, Notices and Results

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Sale Notes

Depending upon which website you look at, the design trends for 2018 are going to include curved furniture, cork, dark wood, orange and red colours, frugal luxury and relaxing personal identifying concepts!

Well, considering that auctions have been popular since the 4th century, Bearnes Hampton & Littlewood's first Antiques & Interiors Sale of 2018 will certainly have items that will be 'on trend' as well as established 'classics'.

There is no denying the popularity of both the Arts & Crafts Period and the Art Deco Period of the early 20th century. Even now in the 21st century pieces like the Arts & Crafts three piece bachelor tea service (EX199/160), (Estimate £180-£220) and the Art Deco inspired continental glass liqueur bottle (EX199/2) (Estimate £40-£60) still draw buyers from across the country who are eager to obtain these pieces.

Perhaps one of the most typical items of 19th century taste is the Sunderland Lustre jug with its transfer printed decoration of the sailing ship 'The Northumberland' (EX199/33) (Estimate £50-£70). Though it may not be the most fashionable of pieces in today's market, it will attract buyers who are aware of the history of the ship, which set off from Torbay in 1797 on her maiden voyage and was wrecked off South Carolina in 1805.

While the majority of 'hipsters' and 'fashionistas' will follow the trends, it is still the history and mystique of antiques that continue to give them their allure. Where else can you find a Russian lacquer tin for a barrister's wig (EX199/381) (Estimate £40-£60) or a Late Victorian silver shifting spoon with cherub and cornucopia decorated shaft (EX199/183) (Estimate £40-£60).

If you are a follower of the latest trends and designs than you should really be looking at auctions on a regular basis. How else do you think that designers come up with inspiration? You only have to look at the design classic of the Staunton Pattern Chess set by Jacques (EX199/338) (Estimate £150-£200) to realise why it has been around for over 100 years. Likewise, the Japanese bronze vase (EX199/378) (Estimate £80-£120) is a fine example of Zen 'Ma' (the balance of available space and the relation between objects and furniture), a concept that has been around for centuries.

So whilst fashions come and go (and then come around again!), auctions will continue as they have done for many, many years as they are unique in providing both history and inspiration for future generations.

Auction Viewing Notes

Note that this sale is on WEDNESDAY due to the bank holiday weekend.

Contact for Sale

For any information about this sale, please contact:-

Okehampton Street, Exeter

Telephone: +44 (01392) 413100