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Preview of July 2011 Fine Art Sale

Pink and Orange by Mary Fedden (FS11/334)

Pink and Orange by Mary Fedden (FS11/334).

It is entirely fitting that the Summer Fine Sale should include recognisable luxury items such as the Faberge cane handle (FS11/248) and a Rolex Prince gentleman's wristwatch (FS11/173) and a good selection of paintings, whether your taste is more traditional or contemporary.

Both Archibald Thorburn and Mary Fedden are certainly popular artists with Cock and Hen Pheasant in a Landscape (lot 408) and Pink and Orange (FS11/334) being good examples of their work and with two works by David Shepherd they are in good company.

No Fine Sale would be worthy of the name without some Chinese interest and whilst there is a healthy section of Oriental ceramics and ivories all eyes will be on the Jade boulder carving (FS11/572) and although it has seen better day the 'Aged Pine' bamboo and silver libation cup (FS11/571).

Finally, if proof was needed that not all desirable items need to be classically beautiful there is always the grotesque 'Martin Bros' spoonwarmer (FS11/473).

Faberge Cane Handle (FS11/248)

Faberge Cane Handle (FS11/248)

For more information about this sale, please contact Nic Saintey on (01392) 413100.


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