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SS Baychimo (1914)

Information about the ghost ship SS Baychimo (1914)

The SS Baychimo (1914) (formerly SS Ångermanelfven) was built at Gothenburg in Sweden by Lindholmens Mekaniska Verkstad. She was launched as SS Ångermanelfven in 1914 and was initially owned by Baltische Reederei GmbH of Hamburg before being sent to the United Kingdom as part of the reparations at the end of World War I.

The ship was acquired by the Hudson's Bay Company in 1921, being renamed the SS Baychimo in the process. She operated out of Adrossan in Scotland.

The SS Baychimo was used in the North West territories of Canada to trade pelts and provisions with Inuit settlements.

At the end of one such trading run and loaded with a cargo of fur, the SS Baychimo became trapped in pack ice on 1st October 1931. She was briefly abandoned that day while the crew sheltered in the town of Barrow but when they returned she had broken free from her original position and subsequently became even more mired in ice on 8th October 1931.

The Hudson's Bay Company took the decision to reduce her crew to a skeleton shore-based staff on 15th October 1931. However, there was a blizzard on 24th November 1931 during which the SS Baychimo completely disappeared.

It was initially concluded that she had broken up and sunk, but there have been several sightings since, with the last recorded sighting of this ghost ship being recorded in 1969.

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