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The Stockman Collection of Staffordshire Pottery

342 Lot Collection

The Stockman Collection of Staffordshire Pottery consists of some 342 lots comprised mainly of Staffordshire pottery but also with some Staffordshire porcelain, other ceramics and glass assembled by the late Paul Stockman.

A Staffordshire Pottery Figure: Billy the Rat Catcher

A Staffordshire Pottery Figure: Billy the Rat Catcher

Sale Information

HO55: Antiques and Collectables
Tuesday, 11th September 2012
Dowell Street, Honiton

Lots from the Collection

Lot HO55/1

Lot HO55/1: A Late 18th Century Creamware Jug

A late 18th Century creamware jug of swollen cylindrical form with strap handle printed in black with a scene and lengthy poem captioned 'The Greenwich Pensioner' and verso with a three masted Naval vessel, 21cm high, broken and glued.

Estimate: £40 - £60
Realised: £130
Lot HO55/2

Lot HO55/2: A Late 18th Century Creamware Oval Portrait Plaque

A late 18th Century creamware oval portrait plaque embossed with a statesman picked out in muted greens and blue within a foliate border, pierced for hanging, 13cm high.

Estimate: £50 - £80
Realised: £210
Lot HO55/3

Lot HO55/3: A Documentary Creamware Jug

A documentary creamware jug of oviform with 'C' scroll handle and foliate thumb rest enamelled with a circular panel captioned 'Edward Winser, Goodwin, 1808' flanked by sprays of pink tulips, and other blooms, the neck with a band of stylised blooms, 145cm high, small restoration to spout and rim.

Estimate: £60 - £90
Realised: £170
Lot HO55/4

Lot HO55/4: A Documentary Creamware Jug

A documentary creamware jug of oviform with strap handle enamelled beneath the spout 'John Myatt, 1804' beneath an armorial device of a shield bearing two snails over a Maltese cross surmounted by a Cardinal's hat, the neck, shoulders and rim with narrow iron red bands, 20cm high, tiny filled rim chip.

Estimate: £60 - £90
Realised: £100
Lot HO55/5

Lot HO55/5: A Creamware 'Macaroni' Tea Canister and Cover, Circa 1790

A creamware 'Macaroni' tea canister and cover, Circa 1790 embossed with amusing fashionable figures picked out in Pratt colours, 15cm high, restored cover and neck together with a Yorkshire coffee pot enamelled with blooms and verso with a poem 'Whatever the world conceive ....' captioned J & S Pearson, Longdales, and a circular tea canister enamelled with roses and garden blooms, both devoid covers.

Estimate: £50 - £80
Realised: £210
Lot HO55/6

Lot HO55/6: An Early 19th Century Pearlware Coffee Pot and Domed Cover

An early 19th Century pearlware coffee pot and domed cover of pear shaped form with strap handle and foliate and fluted spout painted in blue with a Chinese landscape, 26cm high, hair crack to cover, tip of spout restored.

Estimate: £40 - £60
Realised: £90
Lot HO55/7

Lot HO55/7: An Unusual Creamware Bough Pot

An unusual creamware bough pot modelled in the form of a woman's head sporting a feather trimmed bonnet, 15cm high, devoid base and cover.

Estimate: £40 - £60
Realised: £210
Lot HO55/8

Lot HO55/8: A Wood Type Creamware 'Warty Face' Toby Jug, Circa 1780-1790

A Wood type creamware 'Warty Face' toby jug, Circa 1780-1790 modelled seated clutching a foaming jug of ale under sponged brown and pale green decoration on a canted square base, 25cm high, filled section to hat together with an 'American Sailor' seated on a chest with empty mug and church warden pipe, the handle formed as a tree, 29cm high, repairs and over painting.

Estimate: £150 - £250
Realised: £560
Lot HO55/9

Lot HO55/9: A Late 18th Century Wood Type Creamware Satyr Mug

A late 18th Century Wood type creamware Satyr mug modelled with bearded leering face crowned with fruiting vines under pale sponged green, manganese and brown glazes, 10cm high, broken and glued with some filler together with creamware and pearlware examples similarly decorated with simple sprigs and brightly coloured nodules, glue repair to the larger and a porcelain example.

Estimate: £80 - £120
Realised: £85
Lot HO55/10

Lot HO55/10: A Dated Creamware Clock Ornament Modelled in the Form of A Longcase Clock

A dated creamware clock ornament modelled in the form of a longcase clock with impressed dial surmounted by 1794, picked out in blue and ochre, 225cm high, losses to base. *An identical example in the City of Manchester Art Gallery is illustrated in Pratt Ware 1780-1840, J & G Lewis, page 243.

Estimate: £50 - £80
Realised: £360
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