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Sale EX190: Antiques and Interiors

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Tuesday, 15th August 2017

Okehampton Street, Exeter

Antiques and Interiors Sale

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Auction Lot

Lot 1: A Tiffany and Co Glass Apple Paperweight

A Tiffany and Co glass apple paperweight.

Auction Lot

Lot 2: A Green Opaque Glass Lustre with Plain Glass Drops

A green opaque glass lustre with plain glass drops.

Auction Lot

Lot 3: A Peking Glass Jar and Cover

A Peking glass jar and cover.

Realised: £20
Auction Lot

Lot 4: A Set of Six Purple Champagne Flutes

A set of six purple champagne flutes.

Realised: £28
Auction Lot

Lot 5: A 19th Century Glass Hummingbird Feeder

A 19th century glass hummingbird feeder.

Realised: £35
Auction Lot

Lot 6: A 19th Century Wine Glass Cooler with Engraved Bee Hive Motif

A 19th century wine glass cooler with engraved bee hive motif, together with two penny lick vases, a pedestal bon bon dish and five various glasses.

Auction Lot

Lot 7: A Collection of 19th Century and Later Eye Baths and Measures

A collection of 19th century and later eye baths and measures.

Realised: £45
Auction Lot

Lot 8: A French Gilt Metal Mounted Glass Vase

A French gilt metal mounted glass vase.

Realised: £38
Auction Lot

Lot 9: A Collection of Glasswares

A collection of glasswares, to include a pair of hock glasses, liqueur decanter and stopper, inkwell etc.

Realised: £15
Auction Lot

Lot 10: A Pottery Drug Jar and Cover

A pottery drug jar and cover, together with a glass burner, one other decanter and stopper and a liqueur bottle, stopper and stand.

Realised: £28
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