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Sale EX180: Antiques and Interiors

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Tuesday, 21st March 2017

Okehampton Street, Exeter

Antiques and Interiors Sale (with Selected Jewellery)

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Regular Antiques and Interiors Auction of ceramics, glass, works of art, collectables, pictures and furniture held at our Okehampton Street salerooms in Exeter.

This auction has 759 fine art lots.

Catalogue, Notices and Results

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Sale Notes

The next sale at Bearnes Hampton & Littlewood on Tuesday, 21st March 2017 includes the usual eclectic mix of items including two charming pin cushions, a teddy, a magic teapot and also a dramatic topographical print of Teignmouth (EX180/562). This depicts the events of 9th January 1826 when the poorly named Bien Heureux (Blessed) was driven ashore and wrecked on the Ness. Thankfully the crew were saved, which considering Anglo-French relations at the time does reflect our common humanity, though looking at the sightseers depicted on the beach, it didn’t run so very deep. However locally published and printed in Exeter, one has to ask why celebrate the event – often similar images were sold to raise money for the unfortunates involved, but on this occasion it seems an unlikely explanation.

On the other side of the world, the Yangtze Delta is famed for its close grained clay- an ideal material for making hard wearing unglazed Yixing teapots. Originally produced for travellers, it was said that you should only ever brew one type of tea in it, so that in times of need you only had to fill it with hot water to be rewarded with a sustaining cuppa - sounds like a magic teapot to me (EX180/385) and estimated at £50-£80, it could be a good investment.

More typical items in the sale include a mid-20th century English plush teddy bear (EX180/576) in need of a new home and a Samuel Morden silver pin cushion in the form of a chick emerging from a shell and another in the form of a pig (EX180/194), always popular especially before Easter and again estimated at £50-£80.

Quite what the aforementioned livestock would have made of a vellum covered trunk (EX180/646) is anybody’s guess, but decorated with brass studs it does look like a family treasure chest.

Finally, now that spring seems to have arrived, there is a continental carved fruitwood planter (EX180/762) decorated with foliage and fruit and on the reverse farmyard scenes, very similar to the work of the Black Forest carvers. A nice piece but in need of a little attention, hence the presale expectations of £150-£200.

Contact for Sale

For any information about this sale, please contact:-

Okehampton Street, Exeter

Telephone: +44 (01392) 413100