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Sporting & Collectors Auction Preview

Brian Goodison-Blank previews the Autumn 2017 Sporting & Collectors Auction, which has a special treat in store for film buffs, but will nonetheless also appeal to collectors of militaria and firearms as well as those interested in Formula 1. The sale is certainly not short of those curiosities that make these sales so interesting.

The Brazilian National Flag Used on the Parade Lap and Podium of
        the Italian Grand Prix, Monza 1992 by Formula 1 racing driver Ayrton Senna (SC25/465)
        is just one of the many interesting items in the Autumn 2017 Sporting & Collectors

The Brazilian National Flag Used on the Parade Lap and Podium of the Italian Grand Prix, Monza 1992 by Formula 1 racing driver Ayrton Senna (SC25/465) is just one of the many interesting items in the Autumn 2017 Sporting & Collectors Auction.

If you are a big film buff then Bearnes Hampton & Littlewood's forthcoming Sporting & Collectors Auction of the 15th/16th November 2017 certainly has a few treats for you.

Included in the sale is a section of original film posters from the 1970s through to the 1990s and among them are several cult classics.

For horror fans, from the Italian master of horror Lucio Fulci, there is a poster for Zombie Flesh Eaters (1979) (SC25/1032), a film that probably began the modern genre. Even with a tear to the lower section, it should still reach around £130-£150 at auction.

The wonderful thing about these early posters is the artwork and imagination of the designers to create excitement and atmosphere. The 1982 remake of The Thing (SC25/1031) is yet another cult classic and this landscape version poster for the film manages to capture the atmosphere of the film exceedingly well. Going to the cinema in the 80s was certainly an experience (especially if you were under age trying to get in to see some of these films!)

In an age before multi-screen cinemas, the old and dated buildings often had quad posters on display as well as sets of lobby cards with scenes from the films. The quad poster and set of lobby cards for Scarface (1983) (SC25/1021) should attract collectors for another great movie memory.

These films are approaching 40 years old and still remain modern genre-defining classics, like the original BladeRunner (SC25/1003) poster from 1982. These original posters are becoming harder and harder to find at auction, so if you truly are a film fanatic then you could say 'Wake up, time to buy!...'

The sale also contains a good selection of militaria, swords and antique firearms. The WWI Military Cross group of five to Sir Harold Lister Farquhar KCMG MC (1894-1954) 2nd Lifeguards (SC25/336) will attract a lot of attention from collectors and should easily reach the upper end of its £3,000-£5,000 estimate.

A good single owner collection of air rifles and pistols included in the sale has perhaps one of the most sought after models in the Webley & Scott Air Service Model (SC25/135), as well as the more unusual Britannia 3 Bore (SC25/133).

Formula One has always had a strong following and, therefore, a strong group of collectors who are eager to acquire items from their favourite drivers and teams. Still considered by many as the greatest driver of the modern era, Ayrton Senna has a strong following of fans today over 20 years since his death. The Brazilian flag (SC25/465) he used on the parade lap and podium at the 1992 Italian Grand Prix at Monza has very good provenance from a fan who visited the McLaren Team factory in 1992 and, as it was Senna's last win in a Honda powered car, this flag is a significant piece of motorsport history.

From the 1995 F1 season is a Mclaren International Team Boss jacket (SC25/470) signed by Nigel Mansell and Mikka Hakkinen. Along with this is a letter from the team indicating it was the first item signed by Nigel after he had signed for the team after leaving Ferrari, once again a great piece of F1 history.

There is also a good single owner collection of propelling pens and pencils with a number made by S Mordan & Co, perhaps one of the best known makers of silver pens and objet de vertu. Of particular interest is the silver propelling pencil in the form of a flintlock pistol (SC25/1085) that will appeal to both the antiques pen collectors and the firearm collectors equally.

As always, the catalogue is full of the more unusual items to be found at auction and while perhaps the taxidermy of card playing and smoking hares (SC25/76) may not be to your liking, it is well worth a visit to the saleroom to see the array of curiosities on offer.


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