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The Lady Burgess (1799)

Information about the East Indiaman The Lady Burgess (1799)

The Lady Burgess (1799) was an East Indiaman built by Perry in Blackwall, London and launched in 1799. Most of her voyages were between Britain and either Madras or Bengal.

The Lady Burgess set sail for India from Portsmouth on 31st March 1806 under the command of Captain Archibald Francis William Swinton in a fleet of eight ships under the protection of HMS Leopold, which made good speed at 5 knots.

However, the small squadron became separated after a storm and the Lady Burgess struck John Letton's Rock (South West of Boa Vista Island) whilst in shallow water in the Cape Verde Islands in the early hours of 20th April 1806. She stayed afloat for around three hours while long boats managed to rescue many of those on board. However, the ship was finally lost with some crew and passengers. Her cargo largely consisted of iron, lead and general merchandise.

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